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Mission statement
     The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is committed to responding to the needs of individuals and families who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Our goal is to offer assistance that recognizes the respect and dignity of those we encounter, addressing short-term needs as well as longer-term issues. To help people meet the variety of challenges facing them, the Society provides basic assistance for financial, food, clothing, transportation, medical, or other needs.

Last year's numbers...
3,915 - the number of phone referrals handled (211 calls)
11,082 - the number of Jackson-area people that received free merchandise
$129,262 - the value of the free merchandise received (at thrift store pricing)
$59,212 - assistance provided to needy residents via the St. Vincent de Paul voucher assistance program through local churches
9,725 - the number of people served through five food pantries funded and operated by St. Vincent de Paul
$230,172 - the value of food received through the food pantries
5,725 - the number of people that received financial assistance with needed expenses
$157,518 - amount received for those expenses
26,582 - the total number of people served through
St. Vincent de Paul
$516,952 - the total value of items received by needy people

Thank you for your generous donations!

History of the Society
of St. Vincent de Paul